If you and someone you know have low vision, you can greatly improve your quality of life through vision rehabilitation. The basic goal of Low Vision Rehabilitation is to keep individuals affected by severe visual impairments independent and safe. Daily living tasks can quickly become very difficult for someone with visual impairment. Our team at AP Eye Care prepares and assists these patients to achieve their functional goals with the use of a variety of low vision devices and special techniques. We offer the following services:

  • Assessment of vision and eye health status
  • Evaluation and prescription of optical, non-optical and electronic devices
  • Individualized instruction in the use of devices, techniques to efficiently use remaining vision

A team of professionals will work together to address the needs of individuals who have a visual impairment. The team approach includes the affected individual, family members, an optometrist, a vision rehabilitation specialist and/or a social service member. In addition, other professionals such as an optometrist, an orientation and mobility specialist, a rehabilitation teacher, an educator of the visually impaired and a technology specialist may be included as members of the team, depending upon the conditions and needs of the individual.

It is important to note that Low Vision services cannot cure the cause of the vision problem but rather help individuals with visual impairment to fully utilize their remaining vision. Low vision care does not replace the need for other concurrent treatments such as laser, medication and surgery.

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